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Bridging Eastern and Western Medicine techniques to support healing, facilitate recovery and achieve succesful outcomes 


What is Acupuncture?


Acupuncture is the practice whereby small, thin metallic needles penetrate the skin at specific acupuncture points to unblock and restore meridians of energy flow and support recovery.


Your acupuncturist may use a variety of techniques from gentle manual stimulation, heat, or electrical stimulation via needles to influence the energy flow, healing, and recovery.

If you aren't a big fan of needles but would still like to try other techniques to reduce your symptoms we offer a range of alternatives such as cupping, vibration therapy, moxibustion, traditional Chinese massage, and trigger point therapy.

How does Acupuncture work?


Traditional Chinese Acupuncture has been a cornerstone of Eastern Medicine for 3,000 years. The theory is based upon pathways or ‘meridians’ of energy flow called Qi (pronounced “chee”) connected by acupuncture points throughout the human body. It is strongly believed that the circulation of Qi is responsible for a person’s overall health and any disruption or imbalance within the meridians may precipitate illness or disease and hinder recovery.

After injury, the body’s own inflammatory response and healing takes place. This can often be painful and uncomfortable as the inflammation runs its course. In Eastern medicine, this phase causes an increase in heat signs characterised by swelling, redness, pain, and discomfort. Acupuncture can be used during this phase to draw away heat signs and reduce symptoms to accelerate recovery and prepare the area for the next natural stages of healing.

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What to expect 


If you have already been registered for a treatment plan with us, we will have all the necessary details on file. If you do not have a current treatment plan with us, please contact us to find out how to register and book your acupuncture appointment.

In preparation for your appointment, please bring loose clothing. Ideally shorts and a t-shirt/singlet so your practitioner can easily access the injured area.  

For your initial appointment please bring any relevant medical information and history as well as a list of your current medications. Your practitioner will begin the consultation and ask you about your injury, medical history and assess if acupuncture and/or other related therapies are right for you. They will also discuss the treatment plan, any expected outcomes, address any risks and answer any questions or concerns you may have.


After your treatment, your practitioner will discuss post-treatment advise with you relevant to your injury. It is just as important to look after yourself after treatment to maximise the treatment effects.


If you have sustained an injury and have an existing ACC claim, please bring these details to your appointment.


If you have any further questions, check out our FAQs or contact us today! 


ACC acupuncture fee - $30


Initial consultation (60 minutes) $120 

Follow up consultations (30 minutes) $60


Acupuncture can help you with: 

Acute Swelling

Isolated Pains

Musculoskeletal Pain


Respiratory Problems

Chronic Back Pain


Gastrointestinal Issues


Immune Deficiency

Feeling of Imbalance

Emotional States


Renal Issues

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