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Eden Smuts

The Physio Co. Founder /Studio Manager

With over a decade competing as a high-level gymnast and years coaching competitive gymnastics Eden started her physiotherapy journey with the passion to rehabilitate injuries back to a high level of function. Her experience coaching has given her an exceptional eye for movement and an ability to identify movement patterns that could be causing injury and limiting peak performance.


Eden manages the studio, is available for physiotherapy appointments,  and movement assessments.

Eden's insights into some of the highest levels of sporting performance have helped her develop an approach which targets the root of peoples movement dysfunctions.


Rob Gibson

Senior Physiotherapist (NZRP)

Rob is a competitive classic physique bodybuilder and former personal trainer. His passion for health and fitness exceeds two decades. Rob's background allows him to deeply understand movement, exercise, rehabilitation and injury.


Graduating from physiotherapy in 2013. Rob has continued to expand his knowledge with a post-graduate qualification in acupuncture and is currently undertaking further post-graduate study in sonography.


Rob has a special interest in exercise based rehabilitation and looks forward to assisting you and your journey to recovery


Danni Malzard

Physiotherapist (NZRP)

Danni has a special interest in sports injury and post-operative management.Whether you are a high performance athlete or humble weekend warrior, Danni will use her insight to improve your overall function, mobility and athletic performance.  


With years of experience as a sports massage therapist and gym trainer, Danni is able to provide a hands-on approach accompanied by a strong emphasis on exercise prescription, to provide individually tailored rehabilitation plans with ongoing implementation of injury prevention strategies.


Outside of work Danni enjoys living an active lifestyle. When not injured herself, she enjoys participating in CrossFit competitions, running, and outdoor adventures of all forms.


Danni is currently Lead Physiotherapist for The Northern Kāhu Women's NZNBL.


Hayley Young

Movement Mechanic & Senior Physiotherapist (NZRP)

With over a decade of extensive sporting experience, Hayley has an impressive ability to identify and remedy frustrating issues that hinder people performing at their peak.

Hayley completed her physiotherapy degree in New Zealand, and her Masters in Sport Physiotherapy at Melbourne’s La Trobe University. She then spent 7 years on the global sporting circuit touring with LGPA golfers and helping soccer, cricket and tennis players achieve their performance goals.  More recently, she worked with a range of Olympic competitors at High Performance Sport New Zealand. 

Hayley’s insights into some of the highest levels of sporting performance have helped her develop an approach that goes far beyond the bounds of traditional physiotherapy.  Hayley’s passion is to continue to help people move and perform at their best.


Becca Twhigg

Physiotherapist (NZRP)

Becca completed her Bachelor of Health Science in Physiotherapy here in Auckland. Whilst studying, she worked alongside rugby teams on the North Shore. With a background in Crossfit and competitive Underwater Hockey, Becca is a keen sportswoman. She has an extensive understanding of movement within a sports setting and everyday life.

She is passionate about working closely with clients, ensuring they move well and are able to perform at their best. 

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Kaylah Tierney

Physiotherapist (NZRP)

Kaylah is an experienced physiotherapist who works part time as a physiotherapist and part-time as a gymnastics coach. She is passionate about gymnastics and sport in general. 

She has a strong massage therapist background and has worked with multiple professional teams as a massage therapist. 


Hee Won Mo

Acupuncturist (NZRA)

Heewon graduated from the NZ School of acupuncture with a bachelor of health science in Acupuncture and herbal medicine in 2015. After graduation, Heewon practiced in Cambodia and Korea for several months and learnt various eastern techniques that she continues to use today. Heewon holds 8 years of experiences and specializes in conditions such as musculoskeletal injuries and stress-related nervous system disorders. Under Heewon's careful approach to healing, all patients will experience place of calm and wellness in her hands.


In addition to rehabilitation, Heewon also practices and offers a wide range of experience in the field of beauty therapy, practicing both western beauty therapy and eastern cosmetic acupuncture.


Overall, Heewon’s meticulous approach in acupuncture and knowledge of herbal medicine treatment can offer you a well rounded and refined in depth treatment experience.

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