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Sponsored Athletes 


Who are they?

Our sponsored athletes compete at an elite level in a variety of sporting environments and represent NZ on the international stage.

We are privileged to play a vital role to maintain their bodies in prime condition and injury free so, that they can keep performing at their best!


Anna Steven

 T64 Paralympic Sprinter

Richard Hadlow (The Hatchet)

Professional Boxer

Dominic Bigsby

 MAG Senior International Gymnast

Peter Rubaduka


Ava Fitzgerald

WAG Senior International Gymnast

Daniel Stoddart

MAG Senior International Gymnast


How do we help?

We support our athletes by regularly assessing their bodies for any potential areas of injury and provide maintenance physiotherapy for injury prevention. 

We also work closely with our athletes coaches, personal trainers and families to facilitate an overall healthier environment for their body and mind. 

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