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ACC accredited clinic   /   No referral required

Physiotherapy & rehab with The Physio Co


As musculoskeletal physiotherapists we are passionate about the human body and its functional interactions in all aspects of life.


We understand the body in a way that allows us to comprehensively assess and treat any muscular or joint issues that may be holding you back. Whether it is an acute injury or a long-standing problem; we can determine possible causes of pain, educate you on the intricacies of your body, facilitate efficient movement patterns and coach you on strategies to empower your recovery or prevent injuries from occurring.

Our physios are trained to utilise a range of techniques and strategies such exercise, joint mobilisations, manual therapy, acupuncture, dry needling, massage and strapping to maximise recovery and restore optimal function.  

ACC consultation - Performance Physiotherapy $70

ACC physiotherapy consultation $5o

Private consultations 60 min $120

Private consultations 30 min $80

Unsure if your injury is covered under ACC?

Contact us to find out!


Acupuncture &
Dry Needling

Acupuncture & dry needling with The Physio Co

Acupuncture and dry needling are one of many modalities in our skillset that can be beneficial in modulating inflammation, reducing pain and muscle tension, and improving joint range of motion.


These techniques place you in a better position to reintroduce functional movements and withstand active recovery with less discomfort.

ACC acupuncture consultation $35

Private acupuncture $100

Post-Op Rehab
Prehab & Post-Op Rehabilitation with The Physio Co

Whether you are planning to have surgery or require rehabilitation after surgery, we'll work closely with you, to create an exercise-based program underpinned by evidence-based practice to support your needs. We understand the complexities of rehab and offer years of experience to guide you through a smooth journey.

Our process will incorporate setting progressive and realistic goals to address inflexibility, strength deficits and instability issues. We will work towards achieving optimal motor patterning, strength and control to support your return to activity and/or sport, no matter your circumstance.  

Prehab &
Post-Op Rehabilitation

Sports Massage

Sports massage with The Physio Co

A sports massage can be extremely beneficial at keeping you on top of your game. A combination of various techniques and deep pressure during our massages are designed to alleviate areas of tension, local or referred pain, and can optimise body alignment and flexibility. Overall, sports massages can help to maintain your body in an optimum state so that you can participate in your sport or activity in prime condition.

45 min massage $100

30 min massage $80

Sports Massage
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